"The most sophisticated people I know ~ inside they're still children."

                                                                                 ~ Jim Henson

We really like our young sophisticates at Trinity.  We like sharing the world with them.  We cherish the ways they share their world with us.  We help them grow older.  They help us grow younger.  It's a beautiful balance.  

Kids play on our campus just about every day, and they're always welcome. Along with that, we have times set aside on Sunday mornings and during the week that are just for them, times where we learn together, create stories and artwork, sing songs, ring bells, learn a little history, laugh, pray.  You'll find some details about our particular programs below.  In the meantime, know that your family is welcome here.

The Sunday Mix

Sundays at 10:15

Exploring our story together. Wondering out loud and wandering outside. Asking, seeking, creating, offering, playing, many ways to learn, so many ways to hear the gospel and have it shape our lives that we might shape the world around us. 

At Trinity we aren't so much about education as we are about formation:  we want the knowledge that we acquire about God to transform the way we walk with God and with others.  We've found that the best way to do this is by bringing all ages and stages together for conversation, demonstration, recreation, and application!  

Elders, youngsters, singles, families - there is no better way to learn than together in the Mix at Trinity. You are welcome to be part of the fun.

For more information, contact Nina Wason


Fridays at 4:30

Founded in 1927 by Sir Sydney Nicholson, The Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) has become the standard by which all other young people's music programs are measured.  

Trinity's RSCM Voice for Life program is designed to train children, adolescents and adults, providing "the framework within which nearly every individual can develop their own voice, their understanding of music and their knowledge of liturgy and its importance in Christian history."  

                                                                     ~ Voice for Life, preface

Unlike other "graded children's choir" programs, RSCM ensembles work as part of our larger music ministry to lead and guide our assembly with voices and bells, words and songs.  Our RSCM select choir (Lumen Christi) is community.  Each of us looks out for someone else, every newcomer is made welcome, senior choristers have greater responsibilities, and Choir Moms work with our directors (Laine Walker and Kristie McIntyre) to shepherd and protect our kids.  All adults involved in Trinity's RSCM program hold current Pennsylvania and Federal clearances and ChildLine certificates.  

For more information about Voice for Life, click here to view our RSCM page, or contact Mike Monaghan.