Give - Be a part of the Cause

We belong to a generous God. We respond with generosity. 

Trinity is pleased to invest our resources in our mission, to give lavishly to those things that are important, and to listen with an open heart to any plan that improves the scope and quality of the things that we do. The gifts that we bring to the table each week are the fruits of all of our labor. When we give to this mission, we are giving to everything that we do and all that we take part in. 

Each of us plays a role in that. 

And so, our generosity relies entirely on you.

If you like what we're doing, please give. 

It's how we are able to make an impact in our community and in this world. And it's worth it!

Click on the links below to see different ways that you can give at Trinity.

Giving to Trinity

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  • Automatic

    Simply Giving

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  • Online Giving

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  • Ramp It Up


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