Ramp It Up Campain

The Ramp It Up Campaign’s mission is to make Trinity Lutheran Church as accessible as possible for immediate and future accessibility needs. Trinity is a place where all are welcome. We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to worship. We all know someone with mobility issues whether it’s a permanent or temporary disability, recent surgery, diseases, veterans and the elderly.

Raising Funds

All gifts and support help our mission and shows everyone is welcome.

  • Request out right pledge/gift – up to 6 months to pay if necessary – Every pledge counts whether it’s $1, $5, $100 or $10,000! 
  • Honey Baked Ham Fundraiser – Sell gift cards using an online link and set up a table in the lobby between services).  20% of every purchase will benefit our mission.  Who doesn’t need a ham with Easter approaching and the nearest store is 5 minutes away!  This is an outward activity that not only members can participate in but they can share with coworkers, friends, social media, etc.  Kick off fundraiser Sunday, March 19th, 2017 with mailbox stuffers and table in lobby on March 26th, 2017.
  • Members Can Provide Individual Thrivent Grants - $200 to be used to purchase materials, feed volunteers, advertising and fundraising
  • Donate Thrivent Choice Dollars
  • Research and pursue grants such as ACADIA
  • Funds collected will go into the Building to Serve Account as a separate line item

Phase 1- $24,685

  • Ramp (Riccioli Concrete - $11,485) & Rail (Jay’s Railings - $5320) – Construction will start once funds have been received.
  • Automatic Door Sanctuary Entrance - $1,970
  • Automatic Door Hall Entrance (Rick Cole will explain how this will work with existing key pad/security system) - $1,970
  • Automatic Door (2) Bathrooms in Sanctuary - $3,940

Phase 2- $11,970

  • Family Accessible Bathroom(TBD – potential location: men’s room to the right of Hall – remove Family sign from end bathroom and make it a men’s room as it was initially)  – remove stalls, replace floor if necessary, handicap toilet, bars, kids toilet and sink protruding from wall with easy access soap dispensers and dryer.  Add a changing station. Approx. $10,000
  • Automatic Door Family Accessible Bathroom with Occupied Lock Switch - $1,970

Phase 3- $7,465

  • Build a sidewalk from Hall to Sanctuary that connects with existing sidewalk (safety issue) - $5000
  • Additional Handicap Parking including Van Accessible(Riccioli Concrete) – Excavate grass area/pave/seal – $2,465

Phase 4- $1,970

  • Automatic Door TCNSK Entrance - $1,970

Ramp It Up Team

  • Katrina Van Alstyne Stansbeary
  • Jenny Anderson
  • Rick Cole