"In the long run, the true measure of love is how hard you worked."

                                                                                                                                                  ~ Erik R. Routley, D.Phil (Oxford)

Week to week, Thursday after Thursday we meet, stretch, warm up, dive in.  We sing our way through hymns, psalms, service music and chorales, breathing, marking scores, learning... always learning.  We wrestle with old and new, motets to Motown, Gibbons to Groban, three part... six part... eight part. And we never balk (it wouldn't be very Lutheran).  And we never quit (we're generally having too much fun).  We are Cappella, the chancel choir of Trinity Church.  Your choir.

No, we aren't professional singers.  Like you, we're just men and women who love to sing, who don't mind working hard, and who cherish the role of music in Lutheran liturgy.  Our maestro belongs to the long red line of Westminster conductors, so we're held to a pretty high standard, but that's all part of the fun.  We need you to carry on this work, so consider this an open invitation.  Talk with our fearless leader (Michael Monaghan), or with any choir member anytime.  You'll get yourself invited to a Thursday night rehearsal (7:30 - 8:45pm), where you can experience Cappella for yourself, no obligation, complete with a guest-folder of music and a choir buddy to help you use it.  When you're ready, we're waiting for you.  Sing on.