An oddity of language is that the words guest and host both come from

 ghosti, a very old European word for stranger.  Someone unknown to us.

We know what that's like.  We've all been guests, we've all welcomed folks as hosts...

and we've all been strangers.

In our culture, hospitality has become an industry, something professionals are trained to extend.

But for people of the desert, the Levant, the Middle East, the Mediterranean,

the earliest members of the Table Fellowship, hospitality is a way of life.

It's a bridge that spans that sacred space between guest and host.

True hospitality respects boundaries while caring for basic needs

Is there coffee? (always)   Are there bathrooms?  (new, clean, right over there)

Was that an accordion?  (umm... probably)

At Trinity, respectful hospitality isn't a gimmick.  It's our nature.  

Because we all need a welcome now and then.