Proclaimers, not readers

At Trinity, those of us who have the privilege of proclaiming God's Word are thoroughly trained and carefully coached.  On any given Sunday as we walk to the ambo (literally the "high place") and open the book, we become messengers of YHWH.  We believe that the Word is living and active.  Each time it flows through us, it has new purpose, calling, challenging, forming and guiding those gathered around us at that moment.  We don't know who needs to hear a particular message.  We don't know how the Word will bear fruit that day.  We only know that we have been entrusted to proclaim it.  It is an important office, the fulfillment of which requires great love.  

For more information about becoming a Proclaimer at Trinity, contact our coordinator, Drina Ditzler

Resources for Proclaimers

Whether or not you're a Trinity Proclaimer, you might enjoy the resources below.  

Click on any image to download the resource as a PDF.  

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