The Royal School of Church Music at Trinity

Each of us possesses a unique voice.  It develops over time, a constant connection to our world, 

turning thoughts into words, and hopes, prayers, praise and laments into song.

Like our bodies and our minds, we work to keep our voices healthy, strong and serving the greater good.

Work and service are the heart of the Voice for Life training program

Meeting each week of the school year on Friday afternoons at 4:30 pm,

our young choristers are immersed in a challenging routine with their directors,

learning to read music like any other language,

discussing the history of hymns, songs, instruments, Christian liturgy, even civilization, 

and robing themselves in the culture of courage, care and respect that

characterizes every Royal School of Church Music ensemble.

Our choristers may not seek a career in liturgical music,

but each one will become a leader, a competent musician,

and a proud guardian of our Lutheran liturgical heritage... for life.

If you know (or are raising) an undiscovered chorister and would like more information,

please contact our Director of Liturgical Music, Mike Monaghan.

If you'd like to take a peek at photographs of our 2017 End-of-Season Bats & Clubs Outing

please click here!