"Salt is born of the purest parents, the sun and the sea."


Every Wednesday evening, a group of souls gather in a comfortable rehearsal space with voices, instruments and packets of music. We work side by side, searching for a sound that will lead and serve our congregation, preparing a way for the gentle, relentless Word of God.  We are Salt, the contemporary ensemble of Trinity Church.  Like our sister ensemble, Cappella, we welcome individuals who are willing to serve with compassion and humility, transforming the ordinary, healing the wounded, and preserving all that's good.  

To see what singing (or playing) with Salt is all about, talk with Laine Walker, Mike Monaghan or one of our ensemble members after any liturgy.  You'll wind up being invited to sit in on a rehearsal or two (or more), complete with music and a choir buddy to make sure you don't get lost along the way.  No pressure, no obligation.  Just music, work, prayer and the Gospel.  Salt changes everything.

Click here for a glimpse of our End-of-Summer-S'mores-n-Corn evening.