S'mores-n-Corn 2017

We said our farewell to the summer of 2017 with one last rehearsal, followed by a quick walk to a sincere corner of the parking lot, which had been transformed into our camp, basking in the light of a cheery summer evening's fire.  That could only mean one thing... S'mores!  And Jiffy Pop.  Ok, so it could only mean two things. 

Yes, Jiffy Pop still exists.  It also still takes forever to cook over a campfire, and still unswirls into a silvery chef's hat filled with crunchy goodness.  As for s'mores, they still have the power to divide any group of people into two equal parts

  1. A s'more consists solely of a graham cracker, half of a Hershey's milk chocolate bar, a toasted marshmallow and one more graham cracker...
  2. Oooo... that would be GREAT on a s'more... and so would THAT... and how about some of those!!

Still, somehow, we survived.  Our percussionist, Charlie, put the "pop" into the popcorn.  Erin was launched into her junior year at college.  And, for Trinity Salt, the end of the summer became just a little sweeter.

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