The work of the people

Many congregations use a word rooted in medieval Saxon England (around 1200 AD):  Weordschipe ... an act of trade.  You offer something to God.  If he finds it acceptable, then you become temporarily "worthy".  Over time, the act of weordschipe became another word: Worship.  It gets used a great deal these days, and yet it lacks both Christian sensibility and Reformation understanding when it comes to the real relationship between God and us.  It inadequately reflects what truly happens when we gather for Sabbath.

At Trinity we use a different, older word - Liturgy.  Exactly how many people does it take to give thanks and praise, to proclaim the story, to keep feasts and seasons in beautiful ways?  The early Christian community had a simple answer - it takes everyone.  Liturgy means "the People's work".  It takes as many of us as there are.

Trinity's Liturgy Team

Some preach.  Some bless.  Some pray in our name.  Some have the gift to discern, some teach, still others heal.  Some have the courage to open the book and proclaim the Living Word.  Some have the privilege of serving, others the heart to lead us in song.

But who sifts through feasts and seasons, signs and symbols... who prepares a way for the People of God, Advent to Advent, Easter to Easter, year to year?

Our team does.  Our gatherings are a sacred place where many people, regular folks like you and me (all beautiful in God's eyes) get together to listen, remember, learn and work together.  We do this thing one evening every month, until our many visions become one path, one challenge.  

It isn't that we think that God needs liturgy.  We know better.  We do this because God's People need great liturgy.  We need time each week to remember who we are, to listen for that still small voice, to give thanks while we offer our lives to something meaningful, courageous, worthy of the Rabbi whose Gospel we carry.  Liturgy, with its rhythm and beauty, its poetry and song, revives our souls and renews our community.  It is the center of our life as Lutherans.

So that's where we begin at Trinity.  Our Liturgy Team is your Team.  Take a look at the want ads below, then try us on, any first Monday, 7pm, near the sanctuary.  For more information please contact Pastor Skyle.

Sub-Team Specialists Wanted

  • Text Writer:  Terse (but poetic) soul with expansive (but controllable) vocabulary sought to make the obscure clear
  • Sketch Artist:  Provide creative images of Trinity's most wanted characters
  • Textile Magician:  In the words of Jean Luc Picard, "Make it sew."
  • Metalworker:  Truly.  We need you pretty much every other day.  
  • Publishing Specialist:  All of our printed publications need a foster parent (probably you) to chide, guide, tend and mend.  
  • Stilt Experts / Giraffes:  Please hang this right... up... there!