Trinity Music

At Trinity, our assembly is supported and guided by four ensembles.

Always growing, always changing, the choirs of Trinity Church and their directors

work tirelessly with our clergy and Liturgy Team to fill Sundays and Seasons

with beauty and clarity grounded in the Gospel

as the source and the center of every gathering.  

Liturgical music isn't for the faint of heart.  

But if you understand the power of liturgy to heal and inspire,

if you love the way music unites hearts and souls, tribes and nations,

then one of our ensembles might become your new extended family.

Try us on.

  • Cappella

    Our Chancel Choir

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  • Salt

    Our Blended Ensemble

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  • Peal

    Our Bell Ensemble

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  • Lumen Christi

    Our RSCM Ensemble

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