Just in Time!

Yes, we call what we do every year at the end of Advent a "pageant."  And no, it doesn't comply with the definitions in your Merriam-Webster pocket edition.  As unabashedly proud Lutherans (albeit in our own humble Lutheran way), we love telling important stories well (even more that we love good coffee).  Think about it.  We've been setting gospel stories to music since Bach (that's Johann Sebastian, mind you) was at Muelhausen (1707).  And, though much of what Johnny B. Lutheran wrote was brand-spanking new, he did have Martin Luther's knack for taking popular melodies from his day and adapting them for "einen laengeren Zweck"... a more lasting purpose.  So, three-hundred years after John Bach and a half-millennia after Martin, we still gather at Trinity to tell stories that we love with music that we know.  And we do it as a family.  For we've all been a little lost.  And we've all been found.  And all that happened... just in time.