The RSCM at Trinity Church

Here at Trinity, we're proud to be a fully fledged affiliate of the internationally renowned Royal School of Church Music.  That means that each and every Trinity chorister, from primary grades through high school, is formed and trained according to the guidelines and spirit of RSCM's Voice for Life program.  Week by week, our singers, ringers and instrumentalists are involved not only in working through beautiful (and challenging!) choral and handbell music, but also in learning fundamental lessons in liturgy, history, solfeggio (note reading and sight singing using the do-re-mi method that we all know well thanks to Fraulein Maria), music theory and, most importantly, leadership.  In RSCM ensembles all over the world, each chorister is responsible for every other chorister.  Our kids are energetic, fun, and well-rounded, but they're also seriously dedicated to the work that we do.  We love that about them.

So, on June 14, 2017, it was our privilege to celebrate the end of our 2016-17 season, by trading cassocks for ball caps and folders for bats (baseball) and clubs (golf).  As you look through these photographs with us, take a minute to say a prayer for these beautiful souls, and for the strong, kind adults who guide and guard them.  And if you'd like more information about the Royal School at Trinity, just click on the crest.  God bless Lumen Christi.  And God bless you.