Finding our heart...

On Sunday, August 13, we piled into our cars and drove southwest.  Our destination was a small town in West Virginia's Appalachian mountain region called Rainelle.  Our purpose was to throw in however we could, lending our hands to help rebuild a place that was destroyed in a June, 2016 flood that claimed lives, homes and businesses.  We were proud to put our energies to use as part of the Appalachian Service Project (ASP), a single not-for-profit who has pledged to repair or replace fully a quarter of the 1,200 houses that were damaged in the catastrophe.  

Our Trinity gang worked to rehabilitate a home for a local family, spending our days spackling, sanding and roofing.  Our young men and women gave themselves to jobs they had never done (e.g. roofing).  They faced (and mastered) their fears of heights, strapping into their harnesses again and again to hoist and nail tin roof panels to the existing shingles.  Some of the work was tedious, but by the end of the week we were all able to look at the progress we'd made with pride and gratitude.

by serving.

It was a great experience for all of us.  At the end of each day we headed back to the camp, where we shared food, chores, stories, games and living quarters with a youth group from Seattle, WA.  Despite the fact that they root for the wrong NFL franchise, our fellowship with our Washington friends grew strong enough that we began talking about sharing a service project together, maybe there, maybe here, maybe even both.

As with so many things like this, the experience left us filled and humbled.  We're glad to be able to share some photographs here, though they don't begin to capture what serving really means to us, to Trinity, or to people in general.  On the 24th of September, at the end of Trinity's Homecoming month, we'll be delivering the sermon, sharing what we can with the fellowship who supports us, forming them even as they form us.  Peace.