The Basics

"Rabbi, when did we see you hungry and feed you..."

Think for a minute about your last meal:  What did you eat?  Did you enjoy it?  When will you eat again?

There are men, women and children within five miles of Trinity's hilltop whose answer to those questions

would trouble you deeply.  They trouble us, too.  A lot.  

We understand the complexity of the issues involved.  We know that our tax dollars fund agencies.

But people near us still need food.  And we have the will and the skill to provide it.  So we do.

This work is always changing.  We're always developing our approach.  And we're open to expanding our impact.

Give us your time, your experience, your willingness to serve.  Help us continue to change our world.

Mercy.  Generosity.  Courage.  Until no one is left hungry.

Click on an icon below to send a email directly to the coordinator of that ministry.  

It's the quickest way to get information and get involved.

God bless you.

  • Norristown Soup Kitchen

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  • Ronald McDonald House

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  • Southeastern Food Bank

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