Go to a land that I will show you...

That's how it is with YHWH, isn't it?  We get settled (maybe a little too settled), comfortable (maybe a little... well, you know...)... and then, out of the settled, comfortable silence, comes a voice.  A call.  A challenge.  An opportunity.

It doesn't always feel like an opportunity.  Think about your life.  How often have you been able to grow, to take on something new, even something wonderful, without letting go of something else, leaving some part of your "homeland"... and yet you did it, again and again.

Trinity Church's  transition process began last summer as we said our farewells to Pastors Kim and Asha Guiser.  It continued with the arrival of our interim guide, Pastor Janet Peterman, last August.  The summer of 2016 turned to fall, which led in turn to the sweet stillness of Advent, the joy of Pageant, the promise of Lessons & Carols on a New Year's morning... winter... Lent... our long walk through the week we call Holy... death... silence... resurrection.  From January through May, we've shared questions, conversations and lunch together on three separate Sunday mornings after standing happily united at eucharist.  That process has been as remarkable as our God, who continues to work through us and in us.  This is the incarnation, Emmanuel, Christ with us!   

We love the road that we're on.  We love challenging one another.  The careful and extraordinary liturgies that we share will only be complete when they ignite our hearts for service.  Full, generous, boundless service.  If you're looking for a community who is on the move, who carries our rich and beautiful traditions with us, who loves discovering what's next on our shared journey... look here.  You are welcome.