Stacey-Kyle Rea, 18th Pastor of Trinity Church

After a full weekend of liturgical preparation, candid conversation with staff, questions and answers with our congregation, presiding and preaching at our Easter IV eucharist (complete with a baptism), Stacey-Kyle Rea was elected and welcomed by the congregation of Trinity Church as our 18th pastor.  It was the perfect conclusion to our celebration of Good Shepherd Sunday.  

Pastor Skyle will celebrate her first Sunday with us on June 3, following our Installation Eucharist on Thursday, May 31 at 7pm.   In the meantime, we've said our fond farewells to our interim pastor, Janet Peterman, who guided the people and staff of Trinity through a transition process that was both rich and challenging, correcting errors and healing wounds while nurturing the abiding strength that binds our staff and our people together in mission, service and love.  You'll always be in our hearts, Pastor Peterman.  God bless you!

2018 Update - Pastoral Candidate Sunday - April 22!

On the Fourth Sunday of Easter, April 22, Trinity Church will gather for eucharist and conversation with our first pastoral candidate of 2018.   Our Liturgy will begin around 10am.  We'll have coffee afterwards, and then our members will convene in the sanctuary to speak our hearts and then to decide together how we'd like to proceed.  What a wonderful way to celebrate the Sunday known (in Latin) for a thousand years as "pastor bonus", good shepherd, where the Yeshua of John's Gospel reflects on the nature and quality of leadership. This is a rich, exciting time for our fellowship.  Please bookmark this page and check back now and then for updates.

Go to a land that I will show you...

That's how it is with YHWH, isn't it?  We get settled (maybe a little too settled), comfortable (maybe a little... well, you know...)... and then, out of the settled, comfortable silence, comes a voice.  A call.  A challenge.  An opportunity.

It doesn't always feel like an opportunity.  Think about your life.  How often have you been able to grow, to take on something new, even something wonderful, without letting go of something else, leaving some part of your "homeland"... and yet you did it, again and again.

Trinity Church's  transition process began in July of 2016 as we said our farewells to our shepherd of thirty years, Pastor Kim Guiser.  It continued with the arrival of our interim guide, Pastor Janet Peterman, that August.  Summer turned to fall, which led in turn to the sweet stillness of Advent, the joy of Pageant, the promise of Lessons & Carols on a New Year's morning... winter... Lent... our long walk through the week we call Holy... death... silence... resurrection.  From January through May of 2017, we shared questions, conversations and lunch together on three separate Sunday mornings after standing happily united at eucharist.  The remainder of 2017 kept us hard at work, cleaning our own house, asking good questions, learning and relearning humility and grace.  Now, after interviewing candidates, discerning, and arranging visits, we've called The Rev. Stacey-Kyle Rea to serve as our 18th pastor.  The process has been as remarkable as our God, who continues to work through us and in us.  This is the incarnation, Emmanuel, Christ with us.  

We love the road that we're on.  We love challenging one another.  We know that our careful and extraordinary liturgies will only be complete when they ignite our hearts for service.  Full, generous, boundless service.  If you're looking for a community who is on the move, who carries our rich and beautiful traditions with us, who loves discovering what's next on our shared journey... look here, at Trinity Church.  You are welcome.