Youth Group

There truly is life after confirmation.  And work.  And more work.  And paintball.

And building homes.  And making real loans to third world businesses.

(And did we mention work?)

If you're a young adult (14) to (20), take a minute to talk with Pastor Skyle about what we do and when we do it, or look through the links below for photos and media that you might find interesting.  We know that youth groups can be a waste of time.

Ours isn't.

Click here or on the photo to spend a little time remembering our June 2017 work in Allentown, PA, with Habitat for Humanity.

Confirm (Not Conform)

Our Mitzvah. Coming of age.  The phrase gets used so much it's nearly meaningless.  But the ways that we prepare one another for change are important.  "At it's best," wrote Joseph Campbell, "life is a series of initiations."

At Trinity, the walk toward confirmation day is an honest, careful walk.  We take our time.  We work, serve and play with mutual respect.  We protect one another.  And that culture becomes the matrix for our tribal initiation, our long conversation as a family of families.  Confirmation isn't about creating mindless servants.  It's about preparing young people for the mantle of leadership, with all of its responsibilities and privileges.  It's about critical thinking, emotional intelligence, integrity and honor.  It's about coming to an age where things are different, where we speak "not as a child," but as young adults, members of a greater community, chosen and choosing.  And it's about embracing a rule of life (Mitzvot) that's written not on stone, but on our hearts. We have come to know this rule through the Gospel of our Savior, Jesus Christ. And so, at Trinity, the process is not just rote memorization or a boring history class. Instead we walk the story of Jesus Christ through the whole confirmation process. We walk with Christ to truly understand what it means to serve, learning from the one who taught us the greatest love we could ever know.  

For information about the confirmation process at Trinity, please contact Pastor Skyle. For information on the calendar or upcoming classes click the Confirmation Corner tab below.