Love supports our work together...

We belong to a generous God.  We respond with generosity.

Trinity is proud to invest our resources in mission, to give lavishly to things that are important,

to listen with open hearts to any plan that improves the scope and quality of our work together.

Each and every week we bring our lives and our gifts to the table that we share,

offering our labor, cash, canned goods and skills, thankful for all that we've been given.

We're not here to serve ourselves.  We're here to change the world, even as that work changes us.

We are Trinity Church.  We rely on one another in so many ways.  

To support our mission financially, just click on the link below.

You'll be taken to a secure page, where you can make one time or recurring gifts

to our general fund, or to a Trinity initiative of your choice.  Thank you for sharing your love through us!

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