Pastor Janet Peterman

Farewell, Godspeed and Thank You

This past Sunday, as we gathered around the memory of how the Rabbi prayed for his friends even as he prepared to leave them, Trinity said farewell to our faithful and beloved interim pastor, Janet Peterman.  For a year and eight months, Pastor Peterman guided and reformed Trinity Church, working respectfully, joyfully and tirelessly with our professional staff, lay leaders, volunteers and members to trim, prune and prepare our congregation for the next evolution in the 170 year history of our fellowship.

As our eucharist drew to a close, Pastor offered back to Trinity the symbols of leadership which were entrusted to her on September 4, 2016, and which she used and protected with style and grace, humor and strength.  Our hearts are filled with thanksgiving for all that you've done for us, Pastor Peterman.  God bless you!

                                                                               Love always, 

                                                                                    ~ Trinity Church

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