Serving at Trinity

Worship at Trinity isn't entertainment.  The Word that we proclaim challenges us week to week to grow, to change,

and then to change the world around us.  We don't do a million things.  Instead, we engage in a few ministries

that are close to our hearts, ministries that allow the many folks who pass through our doors to use their own

experience, knowledge and talent to make a significant positive change in the lives of the people around us.

Because our neighbors are hungry

As Lutherans, we believe that every person is made in the image of the Creator, endowed with certain inalienable rights.  We hold as sacred the Judeo-Christian scriptures which challenge us, goad us, remind us weekly of what we already know: We must look out for one another.  We are called plainly to give our own bread to those who need it, and provide quick relief to those in trouble.  Why is it that in our own neighborhoods and towns so many men, women and children are caught in cycles of poverty, addiction, homelessness and hopelessness?  That isn't acceptable to us.  We have energy, resources, vision and hope.  We change what we can.  For good.  To become part of that change, or to challenge us to consider something newcontact our Spiritual Gifts leader, Marilou Doughty.

In the meantime, click the photo on the left to see what we're up to now.

Because there's more to life than food

We love gathering food, cooking, serving... feeding people.  But then what?

The young and the old need companionship and guidance.  Families need

support and protection.  People everywhere need shelter, hope, emergency relief and a helping hand now and then.  From season to season, Trinity

members and friends engage in all of these things.  To add your heart, your

hands, your wallet or your vision to the mix, please contact Marilou Doughty.

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Because the best ideas come from you

Trinity Church is a work in progress, always growing, changing, and (like every healthy Lutheran community) reforming.  We know that we could do a few safe, pleasant things to help those around us, send a few checks to other organizations around the world, and call it a day.  But how would we live with ourselves?   How can we do the bare minimum and still proclaim the Gospel?

The truth is, we can't.  So we rely on one another... on you... to search your heart and your memory, and to share your dream for a "ministry" (a word that at its root means "service").  Ask yourself:  How can we lay down our lives, spend our money, use our property, our kitchen, our time, cars, vision, resources, out of love for our neighbors?  You already know.  Dream, then click the picture to the left, donwload the form, fill it out, bring it in.  Challenge us to take bigger risks.  God works in this world through you!